Late to Dinner by Aunt Michelle

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About Backyard Critters
Little Things I've Learned


Cottontails are the only variety I've seen in Georgia. It seems they'll eat most anything--especially the young ones!

Wild Rabbit Rescue Info.


I call them monkeys. They are hilarious and more fun to watch than TV! They are also big chickens--scared of each other. If they are going after the same peanut, they'll get quite rattled. Literally! Their teeth will chatter REALLY LOUD! HA!


These guys are loners. They don't stand for each other unless they are young and still under the mother's care. They are lucky to be so cute!


My favorites are the woodpeckers and Carolina Wrens. They all have their different personalities, but they all love peanuts!

Skunks, Bats, and Moles

I'm happy to say I haven't experienced these critters in my backyard...yet!


Although very cute, these guys are VERY dangerous. It is said that no animal wins when they come up against the raccoon. You also have to stay away from their poo as it can be toxic (if they have rabies.)