Late to Dinner by Aunt Michelle

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About Aunt Michelle

Aunt Michelle

Despite growing up surrounded by nature in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, Aunt Michelle didn’t gain an appreciation for wildlife until it paraded past her and begged her attention outside the window of her home office in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Aunt Michelle runs her own graphic design business and has been photographing the antics of her backyard critters during her coffee breaks since 2004. Many of the photos featured in Late to Dinner were taken long before she even imagined a children’s book, and she does not consider herself a writer or photographer, but a storyteller.

Creating the Book

All of the events depicted are real and Aunt Michelle leaves most of the photos intact for posterity. Photo enhancements have only been made to accommodate those “not so perfect” photos that were integral to the story…oh, and Rhubarb doesn’t actually wear bunny slippers, but Aunt Michelle couldn’t resist!

Factoids: Aunt Michelle's favorite holiday is Easter!